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It is unclear who made the joke but when my unit realised I was trying to get to Antarctica they did a little research and saw Antarctica is actually a ‘desert’. Someone somewhere decided the best place to train for said ‘desert’ would be the actual desert! So I am now sitting in the sand at an average temperature of 26-34 degrees and often 100% humidity attempting to get some training in. I guess the joke is on me, after being told ‘if you sweat you die’ every day I hope I sweat a little less and I constantly look like I got in the shower with all my clothes on.

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The sun rises at around 0555 so training begins at 0530, unless its scheduled PT when they get really excited and arrange it for 0450, yes next week its 0450….this is not good, I feel 0450 should only be seen if you didn’t get to bed because you were out having fun, but it is not a time to be heading to the gym…blurgh. We are controlled by the daily flag which if flown black means no outdoor exercise due to the excessive heat. As we move into the summer or ‘ridiculously hot’ season the black flag is seen more and more often. Lots of changes on camp and the new 7 day working week may have an impact on my training but for now I try to get as much in as possible even if it means doing squats in my office.

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I have been lucky enough to meet some inspirational people such as Tanya Clement 20th US woman to have climbed Mt. Everest, and the fifth American women to have reached the top by the North Ridge & Welshman Tom Whittaker the first amputee to summit Everest in 1998 on his 3rd attempt. Both had great advice and great stories to tell. Thanks to America 300, a US volunteer company that organise events and entertainment around the world, the troops remain entertained and inspired.

I am looking forward to heading back to he UK to have a nice long shower. 3 minute ‘ship showers’ just isn’t enough. I try to ration the water as I need at least 2 showers a day with all of the training and sweating. Not long to push now then a whole new training program, goodbye to Vincent (my tyre) and hello to running in the rain. I can’t wait, although I will miss the laughs we have at Tabata training.

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